Christopher Coutanceau, chef and co-owner


The La Rochelle chef, honoured with a third Michelin star in 2020, and passionate about the sea and a sailor since childhood, is a fervent advocate of sustainable fishing and zero-waste cuisine. Every morning at the fish auction, this “chef-fisherman” carefully selects only the finest produce from local, artisanal fishing: seafood, shellfish and line-caught fish and places his highest priority on strictly respecting the sea’s seasons by excluding threatened species and those in their breeding period from his menu. Cuisine… from-the-ocean-to-the-table.

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Committed "Cook-fisherman"

Sailing his rigid inflatable boat as often as he can, the Chef has always adopted respectful fishing practices. Through his professional and angler practices, he is deeply committed today in raising awareness on the conservation of the ocean and its marine life and fostering small-scale fishing. He collaborates with several associations, such as “Ré Nature Environnement”.
Along with the Bloom association, he actively raised his voice to ban from Europe devastating industrial practices such as  electric pulse fishing and deep-sea trawling. He was awarded the “Prize of Sustainable Gastronomy” in 2019, a first in the Michelin guide history.



Nicolas Brossard, master of Houses and co-owner


Nicolas Brossard, driven by a passion for fine wines and his work, forged his talents in the most reputed French establishments such as Lucas Carton in Paris and the Louis XV in Monaco. Destiny would play a role in 2003, when he encountered Richard and Maryse Coutanceau, who were looking for a head sommelier. From the moment he arrived, he felt “at home” in this La Rochelle establishment. And when the Coutanceau couple decided to retire, after having spent five years in the business, Nicolas was the perfect candidate to partner with Christopher. In 2007, they bought the restaurant together, in equal shares. Nicolas Brossard, restaurant manager and head sommelier, ensures each moment is one of excellence and forever wishes to offer guests a chance to dream and to delight.


The Restaurant
Christopher Coutanceau ***


Through his pure, delicate and iodized cuisine, Christopher Coutanceau imagines a menu that is evermore eco-friendly as he pushes 'zero-waste' recipes to (and beyond) the limit. In addition to his concern for the environment, the chef also invites on a real taste discovery, by centre staging fabulous species of fish which are still rather unknown, such as whiting and wrasse. In this incomparable setting on La Concurrence Beach offering a breathtaking vista over the whole bay, the ocean takes pride of place. In the restaurant, Nicolas Brossard runs Maison Coutanceau with a desire for perfection. This flagship Relais & Châteaux restaurant of La Rochelle which had proudly displayed two Michelin stars continuously since 1986 was just awarded the long-awaited third star in early 2020.



La Yole de Chris


Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard opened their marine-themed bistro in 2018, in the premises adjoining their gastronomic restaurant, on La Concurrence Beach. La Yole de Chris, named after the traditional, charming narrow skiff, invites you to relax by the ocean and enjoy the catch-of-the-day imagined and interpreted in its purest form. Seafood, fish and shellfish, carefully selected at the fish auction every morning, are the finest produce from local, artisanal, eco-responsible fishing, which respects the ocean's seasons. In 2020, the Michelin Guide awarded La Yole de Chris a Michelin plate as well as its new green “sustainable gastronomy” emblem.



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